Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Easter Brunch in Las Vegas

March 8, 2018

Spring has sprung and at Eiffel Tower Restaurant and we’re excited to kick off the season with an Easter Brunch. Chef Proprietor Chef J. Joho, from Alsace, France takes great care in crafting the menu for this special holiday. In Alsace, Easter is the most celebrated holiday after Christmas.

France’s rich traditions during the Easter holiday season are second to none. One of the oldest traditions takes place on Good Friday, when all the church bells remain silent. Children are told that the bells sprout wings  to fly to the Vatican to be blessed by the Pope.  The bells return Easter morning and deliver chocolates and treats to the children. Town markets feature chocolate eggs, easter bunnies and the traditional cloche volant or flying bells to delight little ones and adults alike.

As in the United States, France celebrates Easter with a grand Easter egg hunt. One of the largest takes place right outside Paris, at the Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte, where thousands of eggs wait to discovered by children and their families. Children also build a nest in their backyards the day before Easter, so a bunny can deliver colored eggs while they sleep.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant is happy to carry on France’s traditions, with the Easter Bunny making a guest appearance each year with a basket full of eggs and candy. However you choose to celebrate Easter whether it’s with flying bells, a classic Easter egg hunt, or a visit from the Easter Bunny, join us for an Easter Brunch fare to remember!  Joyeuses Pâques! or Happy Easter!

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